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Your Gift In Action

The Muhlenberg Fund Every gift to The Muhlenberg Fund is critical in creating the Muhlenberg experience. The College is committed to helping students from any walk of life accomplish their potentials. Your philanthropic support of The Muhlenberg Fund helps Muhlenberg open doors to another generation of students.
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Financial Aid More than 80 percent of Muhlenberg students receive some type of financial aid. The College’s goal is to help as many students as possible afford the Muhlenberg educational experience. Your philanthropic support of financial aid programs helps Muhlenberg open doors for another generation of students.
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Office of Multicultural Life One of Muhlenberg College’s institutional initiatives is Diversity & Inclusion, leading to a fully representative and pluralistic campus community. Gifts to The Office of Multicultural Life support dialogue around difference and encourage the creation of a more just world through intentional programming, social justice, equity education, and capacity building.
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Other Designation(s) There are few textbook solutions to the real-world challenges our students will face after they leave Muhlenberg. The liberal arts education the College provides prepares students for a well-rounded life. Your philanthropic support helps Muhlenberg open doors for another generation of students.
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Thank You To Our Donors

    Your gift helps Muhlenberg College open doors for students. It provides a precious commodity: opportunity.

    Why Give To Muhlenberg

    Perhaps Muhlenberg's greatest legacy is our ability to bring out the absolute best in our students. Read why, in their own words.

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    Discipline and the commitment to study and time management is something Muhlenberg instills in its students...Muhlenberg prepared me for the perseverance that is necessary in the attainment of a career in medicine.
    Dr. Trina Poretta '92
    Coming to a school like Muhlenberg, I knew I would be able to take on more of a leadership role immediately...Muhlenberg helped make me more innovative.
    Jake Gordon '18
    Muhlenberg has encouraged me to press on, move forward and dream big.
    Peninah Ingabire '19
    Being the recipient of a named scholarship at Muhlenberg...I knew I wanted to give back.
    Heather C. Lenz Adams '07